AskmyGP at Central Surgery


For up to date information on Coronavirus and areas affected please see the NHS coronavirus page at the following link –

If you are worried you may have coronavirus or been exposed to the virus DO NOT attend the surgery or hospital call 111 for advice.

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid19 Coronavirus the surgery have decided to actively reduce the number of people attending the surgery to protect the health of the everyone and especially the most vulnerable.

The majority of consultations at the surgery will be expected to be managed online, by phone or video consultation. Those consultations done face to face will have been approved for the clinical need of face to face examination by a member of the surgery team and no longer influenced by patient preference. The surgery will also be running a reduced capacity for non urgent consultations.

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Until the full seriousness of this developing problem is known we hope you understand the surgery’s decision to take a cautious and protective stance.

DUE TO UNFORSEEN STAFF ILLNESS we are running at reduced capacity, NON URGENT items may not be picked up until later in the week. We are sorry for this unexpected delay.

We would expect to acknowledge all requests submitted by this service Monday – Friday if submitted before 2:30pm.

If submitted after 2:30pm or at a weekend or Bank Holiday these requests may not be viewed until the next working day. If your request is urgent please contact the surgery by phone. 0191 455 4621 or if after 6:00pm, at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday NHS 111.

When you have submitted a request online, please keep your phone on and accessible as the GP may call you if further information is required.

Why is the appointment system changing?
It is common knowledge there is a shortage of GPs and GP appointments nationally and more and more patients are waiting longer and longer to see a GP.
Over the last few years we have also experienced this at Central Surgery with complaints about getting an appointment on the rise, in spite of continuing to perform well compared to national averages for this.
The current appointment system, booking by phone and the current online system is regrettably inefficient for maximizing the care we can give to you, our patients.
This is why the surgery is moving to a new appointment system with askymyGP following up a previous trial of this system by the surgery.

What do I do if I want to consult with a GP?
You will be able to request a contact with the surgery online, with simple access via the surgery website. (click the button above). Those patients who do not have access to a computer or smart phone will still be able to contact the surgery by phone and reception staff will generate the request for you.
These requests will be dealt with by the team here at central and managed according to the clinical need and taking into account patient preference, by online message, telephone call or an appointment at one of the surgery buildings for further examination either with a GP or nurse practitioner.
GPs would expect to deal with requests on the day they are generated, so please do contact us on a day you would expect to be available.
At times when demand exceeds capacity, the access to submit requests online will be temporarily disabled and we will return to dealing with patients who need to be seen on the same day for urgent new and suddenly worsening conditions by phoned requests for appointments in the traditional way.

So what are the benefits?
By using this system each GP will be able to consult with more patients in a day by dealing with simpler cases without a full face to face review. This means more appointments and therefore shorter waiting times.
The system would also eliminate many of the 400-600 appointments per month lost to patients booking in advance  and then not turning up for appointments, again maximizing the number of patients we can see.

For many conditions which previously may have required several trips to the surgery to investigate or treat, these could be reduced as things such as blood tests when required can be arranged before a visit to the surgery.
As we would expect almost all requests for contact with a GP to come via the online service, those patients who can only access by phone should experience less difficulty in getting through.
We acknowledge no system is perfect but we feel by dealing with appointments in this way we can maximize the access to the medical care you need and we wish to provide.

We acknowledge no system is perfect but we feel by dealing with appointments in this way we can maximize the access to the medical care you need and we wish to provide.