Coronavirus Services Update

As the situation with the covid-19 coronavirus continues we will keep this page updated with which services we are currently able to provide and updates on these as they become available.

Urgent/Essential Care – Patients can contact the surgery by askmyGP, or if the patient cannot use the internet by phone and the receptionist will add the patient to askmyGP. A GP will offer advice/assessment by online message, text, phone or video call as the expected way of managing almost all consultations. This is to protect the safety of patients staff and the community as a whole.

Planned care – GP review of long term issues, is in most cases is still ongoing within some of the limits identified below, if sudden increase in urgent illness or if issues with staff illness, some of these items may be deferred.

In surgery/home visit examinations – in order to ensure this is only done when clinically needed for information that cannot be gathered in another way this will be a decision to be made by at least 2 GP’s and will be done in the least contact way possible.

Sicknotes – for ongoing or new sickness please submit a request through askmyGP if possible and your note will be sent to you electronically. In your request please make clear if this is a new/repeat sick note, the dates you are requesting and if you feel this problem needs a review- the GP may trigger a review even if you feel this is not needed. Periods of sickness under a week (self certificate) and isolation notes for covid-19 can be downloaded from the .gov website and your employers are to treat these on the same footing as a GP issued note.

Chronic disease review/Year of Care/MOT – We are evolving new ways of offering a service by phone/video to replace the standard annual review – if you have questions about your long term conditions you can submit them via askmyGP, (or phone if you cannot use the internet) and a nurse or GP can call or message you back with advice

Prescriptions – This will continue to be a 48 hour service, you can request your prescriptions directly via the Patient Access button on the homepage or via your pharmacy if they offer this service. If you do not have Patient Access we can set this up for you, contact the surgery in the normal ways.

Referrals – Urgent, such as suspected cancer referrals are still operating as normal, most other referrals are now available but clinics at hospitals are set up to manage most of their patients by written advice, phone or video and so may be offering reduced treatment options.

Scans/X-rays – These are also only for urgent issues at present, requests generated by the surgery will be subject to approval by the hospital, and may be rejected if not deemed clinically urgent.

Blood Tests – Blood tests that can be safely delayed are being held at present and we will send details for these catch up blood tests when the risk within in the community appears to have reached the lowest levels. Time urgent blood test are happening on site at the surgery – by surgery booked appointment only.

Cancer injections – Injections to treat cancer (previously given by the surgery or referred by the hospital specialist) are continuing at the surgery with minimal contact methods by planned appointment.

B12 injections – We have been following British Society of Haematology guidelines, that missing an injection is safer than attending at the time of the initial coronavirus outbreak. We are reviewing our policy on vitamin B12 and are compiling a catch up list based on diagnosis (cause of the low b12). WE will be contacting patients to offer low contact injections to those whose medical conditions mean this is needed. Those patients whose b12 deficiency is felt to be dietary related will be offered further advice or assessment to reassess their need for long term b12 injections.

Osteoporosis injections – These have resumed

Contraceptive depot injections – where alternatives have not been suitable due to tolerance and home injection is not suitable depot contraceptives will be administered at the practice.

Joint injections – no planned injections are being done at present

Childhood Immunisations – The evidence we have available at present shows the illnesses which are covered by the childhood vaccination programme pose a higher risk to children than covid-19 so these are going ahead with a low contact approach

Other injections – the need/suitability is being reviewed on a clinical need basis, submit your request by askmyGP (or phone if unable)

Minor surgery and Cryotherapy – this is not being done at present – if the problem you were referred for is changing in an unexpected way please contact your GP to see if alternative treatment may be required

Medical reports – We are prioritising essential reports such as child protection – and we are doing other reports by priority order. Reports such as insurance, mortgage are unlikely to be completed at this time

Smear/screening programs – We have started running catch up scheduled appointments for smears, we are needing to prioritise those who are at highest risk and in order to provide the clinic in as safe a way as possible there will be limited flexibility in what appointment times can be offered.

Private letters – These are not being done at present, including letters, for school, work, travel you can print the statement from the surgery below if you need evidence that this request has been declined. If you feel your letter request meets exceptional circumstances then you can submit a request via askmyGP but we will regrettably need to direct most requests back to this statement.