askmyGP – top tips for patients at Central Surgery

Getting the most out of askmyGP

askmyGP is still quite new to us all, and whilst we are finding that the majority of patients are telling us that using this system is better than the old way and satisfaction levels are high, we are still working on ways of maximising the benefits of working this way. 

As it is a new way of accessing healthcare for most patients we have put together this page to share a few tips that we think will help you get the most out of askmyGP.

Firstly – please use the askmyGP service if at all possible – by contacting us on askmyGP it saves you waiting in the phone queue, you can pass the information directly to the GP or nurse in your own words and it increases the ways we can contact you back. It also reduces the phone queue for those people who cannot access the online service – our most common complaint from people who are using the service is on behalf of others ‘what about those people who can’t use the internet?’ By using askmyGP you are helping them get improved access to shorter telephone queues, improving their access, at the same time as yours.

If you have any problems or questions about setting up or using your askmyGP account please do not hesitate to call us on 0191 455 4621.

Before reading the following tips, please be aware that there is an easy to use askmyGP app for android and apple phones.

Please see the following link for more information: –

  • Make sure your phone number is correct in your account
  • Please check your email spam folder when you first use askmyGP
  • Add askmyGP to your home screen and enable notifications (via the menu in askmyGP) – your phone will tell you when you get a reply
  • Explain in your message when it is best to contact you
  • Ideally send your request in early on the day you wish to be contacted, or even better the previous afternoon or evening
  • The first text box is just for a brief summary of your problem
  • There is another box later where you can add more detail
  • Please give plenty of detail about your problem so we can help you more quickly
  • In particular it helps the doctor if you describe your symptoms, how long you’ve had them and how you wish to be helped e.g.
  • advice
  • medication
  • request a blood test
  • test result
  • sick note (remember to say what it’s for and the dates)
  • online message from the doctor
  • phone call from the doctor
  • The way to order repeat medications is using your Patient Access account, please continue to use this in addition to askmyGP. 
  • Patient Access is a system specifically designed for ordering repeat prescriptions. Please speak to one of our receptionists to set-up an account if you don’t already have one.  The following link gives more information.
  • It is also very helpful to the doctor if you say what you are concerned about.  In other words if there is anything about your problem that is particularly worrying you, or a particular problem you think your symptoms are a sign of.  Giving this kind of information helps make sure that the doctor fully addresses your concerns.
  • If you would like your problem to be dealt with by a named doctor you can add that as free text but depending on availability this may not always be possible
  • You are asked how you would like your request to be resolved – email, telephone, video, face-to-face.  This gives us an indication of how best to help you. 
  • We have found that often patients who ask for a face-to-face consultation find that their problem has been dealt with when the doctor speaks to them on the phone and they no longer wish to come in.
  • Due to the current potential risks of exposing patients to coronavirus we are limiting face-to-face contacts to only those few situations where alternatives such as video calls or telephone calls would not be suitable.
  • You can add information to your request if you later remember something that you forgot to say.  It is better to do this than create a new request on the same day.
  • Attaching a picture can be surprisingly useful to help the doctor resolve your problem e.g.
  • picture of rash or lump or swelling
    • picture of a document e.g. hospital letter or prescription
    • picture of a medication box or label
  • Each askmyGP account needs to be set up using a unique email address.   For example a couple who normally use a shared email address will need to create separate email accounts to be used for askmyGP.  This is to ensure that if necessary it is possible to safely send confidential information on askmyGP.
  • Parents or carers – please add your child or someone you care for to your account and then send a request in on their behalf.  We can’t accept requests for a different patient where this is just added in the request as free text
  • More than one parent or carer can send in requests on behalf of the same person.

Remember if you have any problems or questions about setting up or using your askmyGP account please do not hesitate to call us on 0191 455 4621.

Thank you

Central Surgery Team