Our services

You can now access Physiotherapy Appointments, Podiatry and Pharmacy consultation appointments without speaking with your GP first. Simply contact reception who can arrange one of these appointments for you.

Blood tests

If a GP or Nurse at the surgery has arranged a blood test for you to be taken, you can visit this link to book your appointment https://links.inhealthcare.co.uk/stsftbloodtestbooking or call the team on 0191 541 0110. The department is open Monday to Friday, 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM.

Minor surgery

If you require the removal of warts, verrucas, moles, skin tags, cysts, lesions, the doctor/nurse will decide if this can be carried out at the surgery. The doctor can then arrange for you to have an appointment in either the cryotherapy clinic or minor surgery clinic.

District nurse clinic

To make an appointment for the district nurse clinic, please ring 0191 402 8172 between 10am and 12:30pm Monday – Friday. At this clinic the nurses give injections, change dressings and ear syringing.

Cervical smears

It is important that every woman over the age of 25 who is sexually active, has a smear every three years up to the age of 64. You will normally be reminded by letter when your smear test is due. A smear can be arranged by making an appointment with the practice nurse.

Family planning/Contraception

Information and updates on south tynesides sexual health service can be found by clicking this link: https://www.southtynesidesexualhealth.nhs.uk/sexhealthclinics/

The surgery also offers a confidential contraception service for most methods of contraception, including the contraceptive pill and contraceptive injections. For emergency contraception please visit the nhs website on https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/contraception/where-can-i-get-emergency-contraception/ – this will help you locate a local service or pharmacy who overs this service.

Maternity care

The midwife holds clinics at the surgery. You do not need your pregnancy confirmed by a GP before you see the midwife, you just need to phone the appointment line on 0191 455 4621 to give your details. The midwife will call you to arrange your first booking.

Results of investigations

For enquiries about X-rays, blood tests and other test results, please phone 0191 455 4621 any weekday between between 3pm and 6pm. If your results require any action, you will be notified.

Chronic disease clinics

We offer a range of chronic disease clinics for asthma, ischaemic heart disease, COPD, diabetes and hypertension, in which all of our nurses have specialist training. If you are being treated for any of the above conditions, you will be sent a letter around the time of your birthday requesting you to attend a chronic disease clinic for an annual check. It will then be the nurses who monitor your care, with GP intervention only when required.

Smear/screening programs

You will receive a reminder letter around the time your smear test is due, Please contact reception to arrange a suitable time for your cervical screening or if you would like to find out when your screening is due.

Minor surgery and cryotherapy

The surgery accepts referrals for minor surgery for our own registered patients and also patients from other surgeries but only when referred from their own GP. Cryotherapy in the surgery is only available for patients registered with Central Surgery, a GP appointment will be required in order to be referred to this service- if the problem you were referred for is changing in an unexpected way please contact your GP to see if alternative treatment may be required.

Blood tests

Blood tests that are not clinically urgent are being done at the Phlebotomy Hubs in the area. Your GP or Nurse will give you the phlebotomy number to arrange your blood test once your blood forms have been added to your medical record.


Urgent referrals, such as suspected cancer, are still operating as normal. Most other referrals are now available but clinics at hospitals are set up to manage most of their patients by written advice, phone or video and so may be offering reduced treatment options.


Requests will be generated by the surgery and the GP/Nurse will pass on the relevant number to arrange your scan.


Please submit a request through eConsult if possible and your note will be sent to you electronically or can be picked up from the surgery. In your request please include if this is a new/repeat sick note and also if you would like this electronically or to be collected, the dates you are requesting and if you feel this problem needs a review (the GP may trigger a review regardless). Periods of sickness under a week only require self-certification (no sick note required).

Letters and reports

Medical reports- We are prioritising essential reports such as child protection – and we are doing other reports by priority order.

Private letters- If you require a private letter for travel ,work or school please contact reception to arrange a telephone appointment with a GP. These sort of letters may incur a charge.

Injections and immunisations

We provide a number of injections, though some are now offered with low contact due to Covid-19:

  • Cancer injections
  • Osteoporosis injections
  • Childhood immunisations (low contact)
  • B12 injections
  • Contraceptive depot injections
  • Travel immunisations (can be arranged after a consultation with the Practice Nurse – The Practice is an approved Yellow Fever Centre and as well as providing Yellow Fever vaccine, we offer a whole range of travel immunisations including: Rabies, Meningococcal A&C and Japanese Encephalitis. These unusual vaccines are not provided on the NHS. Up to date costs are available from reception. This service is available to registered and unregistered patients
  • Baby immunisations (every Tuesday & Wednesday. These appointments will be sent to the Parent or Guardian when they are due)
  • Flu immunisations (available from October – please check with reception)
  • Steroid joint injections