Patient Access for repeat medication & Medical record viewing

Electronic Medical Record Viewing


You can now view your medical record online via a personal computer (PC) or mobile device that has internet access.  Please speak to a member  of our team who will be able to guide you in the process of getting access, or return the form at the bottom of this page.  Please be aware this process will take a few days to complete.

Who has access to my medical record and where is my confidential information held while I am viewing my medical record online?

Using the online medical record system does not allow any other person to view your medical information other than the people who would normally have access to it in the GP practice or unless you have given permission for other people to view your information.

The information you view on the online medical record system comes from the clinical system linked to your GP practice. Portions of this information are encrypted (this means it is very difficult for someone else to intercept and read the information) and securely sent from the GP system to your PC web browser. None of the medical information that is shown on the online medical record system is held permanently on any computer except the computer which holds the original data from the GP practice.

When you log off from the online system or if a problem occurs with your computer, for instance a power failure, all your confidential medical information is cleared from your system.


How will other people be prohibited from seeing my medical record?

To view your online medical record you will have to identify yourself with passwords and PINs that only you know. Unless you reveal this information to someone else you will be the only person able to access your medical record via the online system.

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